Medical Research in Phoenix

Everybody has heard of a medical research study, but what exactly is it? A medical research study, or clinical trial is a clinical study which is conducted with human participants in order to attain medical knowledge. In general, clinical studies are designed to find new ways to prevent the development or recurrence of diseases, examine methods for identifying conditions, and explore ways to improve the comfort and quality of life for people who suffer from chronic illness. These results are determined through the use of two different types of medical studies, Clinical Trials and Observational Studies.

In a clinical trial, participants will likely receive specific interventions that align with the medical research plan created by the investigators and physicians. These interventions may include products such as drugs and devices or they maybe something along the lines of changes to a participants behavior such as their smoking habits or diet. Clinical Trials will typically compare a new medical or treatment approach to that of an existing one, a placebo affect or a participant who had no interventions at all. When a new product or approach is being studied it has not yet been determined whether the approach or treatment will be helpful, harmful, or do nothing at all therefore the investigators and physicians conducting the clinical trial will try to determine this as safely and efficiently as possible by measuring the outcomes of the participants. In a clinical trial about blood pressure for example, the investigators may administer a drug believed to help lower blood pressure and then monitor the participants for results.

An observational study is similar to that of a clinical trial in which the investigators will assess health outcomes in groups of participants according to a predefined research plan or protocol, however the participants will not be assigned to specific interventions. For example, investigators may observe a group of diabetic adults to learn more about the effects of diabetes on cardiac health.

Participating in a medical study helps to contribute to medical knowledge and the findings of these studies help to make a difference in the care of future patients. Anyone interested in participating in a clinical trial should know as much as possible about the study they will be participating in as well as be comfortable with the research team, physicians, and investigators who will be conducting the study. At Phoenix Medical Research we understand that choosing to participate in a medical study isn’t always an easy decision and we want our participants to know they are our utmost priority. The coordinators, staff members and investigators at Phoenix Medical Research are highly educated and experienced in their fields of study. Our investigators are fully engaged in the research process and maintain a high level of personal contact with each one of our participants. In fact, the accessibility and experience of our staff members and physicians is unmatched by any other clinical facility our size. As a clinical trial participant at Phoenix Medical Research you will meet with your investigating physician more often than you meet with your primary care physician, so you can rest assured knowing you will receive personal attention and rapid communications regarding the progress of your study or any findings related to your health. Of course, throughout the entire process Phoenix Medical Research ensures your complete privacy of any personal information or medical records.

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